How To Rent

How to rent a collateral-free NFT

  1. Click on "COLLATERAL-FREE" in the market section.

  2. Click on the NFT you want to rent.

  3. Enter the max duration for which you want to rent the NFT. Note: Since this is a Collateral-Free rental, you don’t need to deposit any type of collateral.

  4. After specifying the rental duration, you click [RENT NOW] and will have to perform the following actions:

    1. Connect your wallet if you are not already connected.

    2. Transaction 1/2: [Approve Payment Token] (this has to be done only once per token (WETH, DAI, etc.) per Wallet)

    3. Transaction 2/2: [Confirm Rent] Note: You will need to have enough funds in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees and the transaction time will depend on network activity and gas settings. For more detailed information, check the status of your transaction in the respective blockchain explorer (etherscan / polygonscan)

  5. Success! You have just rented an NFT! You will find your rented NFT in Portfolio/Renting.

  6. Pro-Tip: You only pay for the actual rent duration until you return the NFT and not the specified max rent duration.

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