How To Lend

How to lend your NFT collateral-free

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. Go to Portfolio/MyWallet and select the NFT you would like to lend and click on it.

  3. Specify all the details required to lend the NFT.

    1. Select “Collateral-Free”

    2. Choose which payment token you would like to receive (WETH, DAI, etc.)

    3. Specify [Daily Price] and [Max Rent Duration]

  4. Click [LEND] and confirm the following transactions in your wallet

    1. Transaction 1/2: Approve the NFT token. (Only once per Collection per wallet)

    2. Transaction 2/2: [CONFIRM LEND] Note: You will need to have enough funds in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees and the transaction time will depend on network activity and gas settings. For more detailed information, check the status of your transaction in the respective blockchain explorer (etherscan / polygonscan)

  5. Success! Your NFT is now available for rent. You will find it in Portfolio/Lending.

  6. Pro-Tip: Under the context menu of the NFT (three little dots) you can get a Share-Link, that you can share with your fellow degens.

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