Integration Guide

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate our collateral-free solution into your project
First of all, to obtain the API key, please fill out the following form.
Next, depending on which solution you would like: no reward share or with reward share, follow the below instructions.

Traditional Rentals (aka Collateral Free; no reward share)

There isn't much to be done here other than recognising the renters that you get back via making an API call.
We are currently working on our very own API. However, in the interim you are free to make GraphQL requests to an external API provider (without requiring any API keys). You can read about how to get the list of active renters here.

Reward Share

The "No Reward Sahre" section applies in its entirety here as well. However, there is an extra step in terms of handling payment of the rewards. Originally, the integrating project could call a particular function on the smart contract whilst sending the reward token and our contract would handle the distribution for you. Our newer version works differently, to minimise the transaction cost for you. Rather than going for the push payment approach, we have designed the contract to utilise the pull approach. Now, each individual player is responsible for collecting the rewards they have accumulated. This means, that the integrating project simply sends a lump sum of the reward token into our smart contract once in a while that then gets re-distributed as already stated.

DApp customization options

You are able to specify the banner on our market page for your collection. For example, this is how it would look like:
You can provide us with a 100 quality jpq, 2880x1000. For example for the above, it would look something like:
You can also specify your game token to be used for lendings and rentals (note we do not support cross-chain payments yet, so ensure that your payment token and collection live on the same chain). If this is not provided, then the default options like: WETH, USDC, DAI, USDT will be used.
To recap, you can personalise the following options:
  • marketplace banner image
  • payment token in which your lendings and rentals will be dealt in